Maintenance Plan

Each Parish has a need of maintenance services for its buildings. These maintenance services may be provided by in-house personnel, service contracts or a combination of both. There is a constant need to fix an overlooked item, repair something which does not function or perform routine maintenance on equipment or structures.

The attached Maintenance Manual is designed to assist the Parish in performing the necessary scheduled preventive maintenance items with either its own personnel or with service contracts. Imhoff Company is dedicated to assisting parishes with the Renovation, Repair and Maintenance of their buildings, to correct each problem as it occurs. It is more cost effective than waiting until the problem is of such magnitude that special contracts and large expenditures of money are necessary to correct the problem.

This Maintenance Manual is intended to be a flexible working document which can be applied to each building in your parish. You may wish to combine checklists for all buildings into a single manual. Items that do not pertain to your specific situation should be omitted to save inspection time.
The checklist is organized on a one month of the season basis. The preventive maintenance item should be performed during one month of the season and after work is performed the maintenance inspection checklist form should be completed.