Other Exterior


Architectural Woodwork

Architectural woodwork is most commonly found in cornices, steeples, siding, decorative trim, windows and doors.  Don’t make the mistake of assuming that damaged, one-of-a-kind architectural woodwork can’t be saved.

We can peel off multiple coats of paint, strip it down to bear wood, and treat it with new primers and paint to give it new life.  We can repair your woodwork with specialized epoxies recognized by the National Parks Department.  Matching old moldings is difficult, but we have older profiles that are no longer commercially available, and we can replicate and replace your molding with modern weather resistant composite materials that will never rot.

Imhoff Company can also handle exterior painting in tricky areas that may be difficult to reach, including exterior walls, steeples and cupolas, using weather resistant paint and primers.

Window and Frames

The original windows in older religious properties are among the most beautiful windows in the world.  Imhoff Company offers the complete reconditioning, repair and replacement of window frames and glass, and we can fabricate and replicate any material, whether its wood, stone, metal or anything else.


This includes, but not limited to the following:

  • Art Glass
  • Ecclesiastical Windows
  • Wood & Stone Gothic Arched Windows
  • Round Top Windows
  • Steel Framed Windows
  • Rose and Lancet Windows

To prevent art glass from bulging and frames from rotting and deteriorating, we incorporate the necessary ventilation that most contractors tend to overlook.  We also fabricate and install custom protective window coverings to guard against weather and vandalism.  These protective window coverings are manufactured from materials ranging from plate glass and thermal plastics, such as Lexan and Acrylic.

Lightning Protection Systems

The right lightning protection system can greatly reduce the damage caused by a lightning strike.  We can upgrade your current system to bring it up to code and ensure that it performs well.  If you don’t have a lightning, protection system or your existing system is deteriorated beyond repair, we’ll install a new master label Certified system that is National Fire Prevention Association/UL Cod compliant.


Louver Assembly

A louver is a window, blind or shutter with horizontal slats that are angled to allow light and air passage while keeping out rain, direct sunshine and noise.  Unfortunately, birds love to roost in louvers, often going unnoticed because the louver at a religious building or place of worship is placed so high.  We can recondition, repair or replace a louver assembly, which is typically made from wood, copper and aluminum.


Bird Protection

Bird feces aren’t just unsightly.  It can get deep into your religious property and do serious structural damage.  The longer you go without addressing it, the more difficult it will be to remove.  We use industry approved techniques and materials to prevent bird nesting and roosting in bell towers, steeples and other parts of our building without harming the birds.


Church bells and wooden bell frames tend to rot due to age and exposure to weather.  These bells and frames are extremely heavy, and a collapse can cause catastrophic damage.  We can repair and rehabilitate bells and frames, as well as carillons.  A carillon is a musical instrument usually housed in a bell tower or belfry that consists of at least 23 cast bronze, cup-shaped bells that are played together by striking a keyboard.


Entrance Plazas

Entrance plazas and front steps are designed to be welcoming, but they can deteriorate over time due to high traffic, weather or salt used for ice removal.  We can make our members and guests feel welcome again by repairing, rehabilitation, redesigning and waterproofing your entrance plaza.  We’ll restore its beauty and use materials that can handle heavy traffic and the worst that Mother Nature has to offer.


Prefabricated Cupolas & Steeples

Cupolas and Steeples can get so worn down or damaged by fire that they need to be taken down and replaced.  We can remove your cupola or steeple without damaging or disrupting the rest of your religious property.  We can also design, fabricate and install a prefabricated cupola or steeple to replicate every single detail, including edges, corners and color.  By using prefabricated materials, we can replace your cupola or steeple in a matter of weeks, not years, and reduce future maintenance costs.