Roofing & Sheet Metal

Existing Roof System Repairs

A common problem faced by most contractors when repairing a roof especially with older religious buildings and places of worship, is the difficulty in matching the existing roof.  This isn’t a problem for Imhoff Company because we specialize in these types of structures.

The first step is to evaluate the condition of your roof as a part of the building assessment.  We’ll repair your existing roof system as long as its performance won’t be compromised, whether it’s made of slate, tile, asphalt shingles or sheet metal.  Using our in-house equipment and a large stock of hard-to-find materials, we can do better that create a close match.  We’ll match your existing roof system exactly so it doesn’t look like patchwork.


New Roof Systems

If the existing roof of your religious property is damaged beyond repair, we can design and install a new, state-of-the-art roofing system.  We’ll replicate the original design with more modern materials that offer the same beauty but better performance.

We can design and build any type of sheet metal roof, including an ornamental roof, in our own metal fabrication shop.  We’ll also tell you what kinds of manufacturer warranties you can get.  For example, the warranty on a flat roof can range from 15-30 years.  We’ll team with the manufacturer to determine the proper specifications for your project so you get the best warranty.


Architectural Sheet Metal

Architectural sheet metal is very common in older religious buildings and places of worship.  Many ornate adornments are made from sheet metal, including weather vanes, ridge capping, finials, pinnacles and cornices.  We have the unique ability to replicate, design and build any type of architectural sheet metal in our own metal fabrication shop.  We’ll salvage your existing adornments if possible, or we’ll create a new one from scratch and replace it.



Flashing is metal found around edges of the roof, especially between the roof and a wall, chimney, bell tower, door or window, flashing, usually made of copper, prevents water penetration and provides water drainage.  We can repair your existing flashing or replace it with a new flashing so nobody will ever notice the difference.

Gutters & Leader Systems

We design, fabricate and install specialized gutter and leader systems in whatever style you need, including boxed, flanged, ornate, built-in and Yankee gutters.  We’ll also make calculations to determine the proper size of your gutters and leaders, as well as the number of drains.

Snow Protection Systems

Undersized snow protection systems lead to recurring snow problems that put too much stress on older buildings.  We’ll evaluate the condition and performance of your snow protection system or develop a new system if you don’t have one.  Then, we’ll design, install, repair or replace the snow protection system and any roofing application to protect your religious property when winter weather hits.