Structural Repairs

Structural Evaluations

We provide professional engineering services to evaluate and inspect the structural integrity of an entire religious property or localized areas of concern.  These engineering services are likely to include repair designs, which are often necessary for building code compliance.  We never take shortcuts.

Structural Shoring

Structural shoring involves the stabilization of deficient structural systems.  This allows for repairs to be made safely and effectively without the danger of collapse or further breakdown, whether it involves your religious property’s roof, walls or flooring.  Structural shoring also allows for continued use of the building while repairs take place.


Load Bearing Masonry

Load bearing masonry walls and facades made from brick, cement block and stone will deteriorate over time due to weather and age.  Improper repairs that utilize the wrong techniques or materials can actually accelerate this process.  We’ll make sure the load bearing masonry of your religious building or place of worship is sound, whether that involves structural repairs, replacement or reconstruction.  We’ll strengthen the structure by using the right materials and restoring the original design.

Steel Systems

Steel systems refer to the steel infrastructure used to construct roof and wall supports and other load bearing elements.  We can repair, replace or reinforce steel columns buried in walls, steel floor supports, lentils (steel supports over windows or doors) or any other steel support system in our religious property without compromising its structural integrity.


Truss & Standard Framing

A truss is a heavy timber or steel roof support.  Water intrusion, weather, time and inherent design deficiencies are the most common causes of problems with truss or standard framing.  Our carpenter craftsmen specialize in the repair, rehabilitation, replacement and installation of heavy timber truss and standard framing that’s unique to religious properties.  We can also repair and rehabilitate the steel that’s commonly found in newer structures.